Create an Eye-Catching Resume in Illustrator – part 2 - Creating a logo

Logo as graphic appeal is the often first impression you make on a potential employer. There are many different ways to create logo, but not all suit for the resume type. In order to create a printable logo, you have to find a tool that will create vector graphics for you.
The best tool for vector graphics is Adobe Illustrator. The following section I will work you through for how to create a logo using Illustrator:

Step 1

Open Adobe Illustrator and create a new document then fill in the information as the following screen shown below:


Step 2

1. Select View > Show Grid to turn on Grid.
2. Hit your Z key to select your zoom tool, click the zoom tool three times to set your environment at 300% magnification.

Step 3

1. Add a new layer by clicking on the “New Layer” icon in the Layers Palette.
2. Start by drawing a 14mm by 10.5mm ellipse with the Ellipse Tool (L). Fill the ellipse with color #00A4CF.


Step 4

1. Add a new layer by clicking on the “New Layer” icon in the Layers Palette.
2. Drawing a 7mm by 10.25mm ellipse with the Ellipse Tool (L). Fill the ellipse with color white.
3. With the new shapes selected, drag it into the center of the large ellipse. The positions: X = 135mm and Y = 182.6mm.


Step 5

1. Create another new layer.
2. Drawing a 17mm by 0.5mm rectangle with the Rectangle Tool (M). Fill in white color.


3. With the rectangle still be selected, drag and place it to cross the logo horizontally.


4. With the rectangle still be selected, make a copy (Ctrl + C) and paste it in front (Ctrl + F) and change Y value to 189.5mm.
5. Make another copy and paste in front. This time change Y value to 188mm and repeat copy and paste in front, each time change Y value decrease -1.5mm until the white rectangle covers the whole logo face.


Here is the logo we have created:


Step 6

Now we are going to make our text.
1. Create a new layer call it Text.
2. Select the text tool (T) and click anywhere on your artboard to begin typing. Type in your full name with your favorite font (I used Calibri) and right size (regular 36 pt in this example).
3. Bring up Character panel (Ctrl + T), adjust text kerning to -10 (see below screen shot).
4. With the text still be selected, click Selection Tool (V), then click Type > Create Outlines (Shift + Ctrl + O).
5. Line up your text with the logo you have just created.


6. Finally, the logo needs to be transformed into illustrator .eps format.
Choose File > Save As > Choose Illustrator EPS (*.EPS) as the file format, and click Save.

Step 7

Let’s create a watermark logo.
1. Copy the existing logo without text.
2. Change logo color to black.
3. Bring up Pathfinder Panel (Shift + Ctrl + F9) > Click Transform tab > Set watermark size to 135mm by 180mm.


4. Save watermark logo as Illustrator EPS format.

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